JetSki Plus Parasailing Tour Adventure Montefgo Bay

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Jetski Plus Parasailing Tour Adventure Montego Bay.

Jetski Plus Parasailing Tour adventure in Montego Bay Jamaica is a Combo Water sports activity with a special adrenaline experience. Fly High Jamaica Parasailing Tour is approximately 15 minutes soaring like a bird while bee pulled by a go-fast boat. Jetski Waverunner Ride is a thrilling ride experience perfect for first-timers because of how easy it is to operate the water bike and how our experience guides impart riding skill quickly.

Parasailing Tour Montego Bay Combo Water sports

Boarding the Parasailing Boat where the captain/Guide provides a quick orientation and safety rules. get fitted with safety gear to include a harness and life jacket and you are hooked up to the Parasailing chute and you are off flying across the Caribbean water what the boat make quick grounds. Soar on your Parasailing in Montego Bay combo with Jetski rental tour ton over 300 feet. 

Jetski Rentals  Tour experience Montego Bay

Jetski Water Bike is a very thrilling experience in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Get a Short lesson in how to operate the Jetski watercraft and then you are off on your own. Zoom across the water with this powerful bike and take the need for a rush of adrenaline to its natural course. 





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